Advanced Urology

Wave Form Systems can put you at the cutting-edge of urological technology with a range of State-of-the-Art equipment for a number of urological applications. Whether your needs call for the latest in stone-management or the newest therapies for prostate disease, Wave Form is here to help.

Wave Form Systems scours the medical technology marketplace to find the most advanced minimally invasive technologies available. Wave Form provides both extracorporeal and endoscopic laser lithotripsy systems as well as a variety of lasers for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) (such as the Evolve 150) and cryosurgery systems for targeted prostate cancer therapy.

Not only does Wave Form provide a broad selection of the finest technologies, but we also afford our customers a number of ways to access that technology. You can rent from Wave Form on a short or long-term basis, you can purchase or you can partner with Wave Form in creative ways that can offer significant tax benefits and other important financial advantages.

Wave Form Systems is the Pacific Northwest's number-one resource for the most up-to-date urological technologies to help you stay at the forefront of medicine. By accessing the most advanced treatments available through Wave Form Systems, you not only provide your patients with the best treatment options available but you can increase your profitability and gain the satisfaction of knowing that you will always be on the leading-edge of the rapidly changing healthcare field.

For an example of kind of advanced treatment options offered by Wave Form technology, find out more about the Cyber TmX laser system for treating BPH or Focal Cryoablation for treating prostate cancer.

To learn more about our Advanced Urology Technologies, please call 800-332-8749 and we will have a clinical expert contact you.