Wave Form Systems

How We Do It

Everything we do at Wave Form Systems is dedicated to serving our customers. Whether you are calling for the first time to inquire about our equipment, or if you are one of our many long-time and valued customers, we strive to make every contact a pleasurable one.

All of our cases are confirmed via fax within two hours of scheduling and receive a final telephone confirmation 24 hours before the scheduled start time. Cases scheduled more than five days in advance receive further confirmation weekly, just to remind you of your reservation. In addition, you can view your scheduled cases online - anytime, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. You can rest assured that your scheduled cases will be provided exactly as you requested - each and every time.

Laser Safety Officer

All of Wave Form Systems' Clinical Technicians are trained as Laser Safety Officers, certified in aseptic technique, HIPAA, all JCAHO documentation & procedures and are experts in the operation of the equipment we provide.

When our Clinical Technicians arrive at your facility, well in advance of your scheduled start time, they check-in using the procedures you have provided. They ensure that the room is properly prepared, that all safety equipment is available and provide the facility with a copy of the safety checklist and treatment log. They will even help you turn the room!

Wave Form Systems' Clinical Technicians are specialized in operating the equipment that we offer. The experience they gain through continuous training and the extensive  & specific experience that comes from working with this equipment daily - with outstanding surgeons across the region, ensures that your patients will benefit from their unequaled expertise and professional manner.